• People who can't draw:Drawing is fucking hard
  • People who don't try at all:Drawing is fucking hard
  • Teachers:Drawing is fucking hard
  • Beginning artists:Drawing is fucking hard
  • Pro artists:Drawing is fucking hard
  • Famous artists:Drawing is fucking hard
  • Extremely famous artists:Drawing is fucking hard
  • Long gone, passed away artists who went down in history:Drawing is fucking hard
  • People who are upset an artist won't draw for them for free:Drawing is easy!
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Do the clave even think about the possible consequences of their fucking decisions

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You deserve to date someone who’s proud to be seen with you. Who holds your hand in public and tells their friends about you. Not someone who hides you away and is ashamed. Remember that.

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love is wanting to draw his eyes

but you know you’ll never quite get them right

and so you procrastinate looking away long enough to draw them

who needs a drawing anyway, when you have the real thing? 

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deciding i was pretty was the best thing that i ever did

one day i was just like

fuck this im pretty

and i was

thats really how it goes

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